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Located in Some of the Best Boone & Crocket and Pope & Young Counties in Illinois

Illinois Deer Hunting

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  • Flashlight & Extra Batteries

  • Headlamp

  • Binoculars

  • Rangefinder

  • Rain Gear

  • Grunt Calls, tubes, rattling antlers

  • Tree Stand Umbrella

  • Pull Rope

  • Bow Hanger


  • All Necessary Permits: License, Tags, Habitat Stamp (Required)

  • Bow, Shotgun, or Muzzle Loader

  • Ammo (Extra for Sighting-In)

  • Release, Arrows, Broadheads (Extra for Practice for Sighting-In)

  • Scent Free Soap, deodorants & sprays

  • Deer Scents (optional)

  • Decoy (optional)

  • Camera/Film

  • Camouflage Clothing (You will be Required to wear 400 sq. inches of Safety Orange- hat & vest for gun only)

  • Gloves & Warm Hat

  • Face Mask or Camo Paint

  • Hunting Boots, Rubber, Insulated & Socks

  • Scent Block Clothing (Recommended)

  • Extra Clothing (Prepared for Chilled Weather-Extra layers)

  • Hand & Feet Warmers

  • Mobile Phone

  • Knife

  • Back Pack

  • Container for your Scent-free Clothing

  • Case for Bow while transporting in vehichle

  • Case for Gun while transporting in vehicle

  • Bottled Water & Snacks

  • Your Hunt Balance Dues

  • Mutual Confidential Disclosure Agreement (if you haven't mailed it in)

  • Cooler to transport your meat back 

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Safety Harness (Required while hunting in tree stand, you are required to bring your own) these are not supplied by

Whitetail Action Outfitters, LLC

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Here is a list of items that you can use as a checklist, some are required and others are recommendations. Please take a look at the Weather Forecast for the area prior to coming; this will help you decide on what your needs will be; so that your hunt will be a more pleasureable one. Please feel free to give us a call at 540-431-1215 or 540-877-5585, if you have any questions or concerns.

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